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Our offer includes:

(1) Cakes with fresh cream
(2) Cakes with buttercream
(3) Prestige line 
(4) Seasonal cakes (Christmas, Easter etc) 
(5) Wedding (icing) cakes

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Price list 

All our cakes are available in following sizes: (except Prestige line products*)


Round cake


18cm/7inch (8-10 portions) - £16
21cm/8inch (10-12 portions) - £20
24cm/9.5inch (14-16 portions) - £25
28cm/11inch (22-24 portions) - £30
32cm/12.6inch (30-32 portions) - £35

30x40cm/12x16inch (40 portions) - £60
60x40cm/24x16inch (80 portions) - £100
60x80cm/24x31inch (160 portions) - £180
120x80cm/47x31inch (320-330 portions) - £400

20x20cm/8x8inch (14-16 portions) - £30
30x30cm/12x12inch (24-26 portions) - £40


25cm/10inch (16-18 portions) £35

*Prestige line cakes are available only in two sizes: 18cm/7inch (£35) and 21cm/8inch (£40)


Additional personalisation 

(1) Message on cake - £3
(2) Cake topper - animated movie character - £5
(3) Cake topper - own photo - £6.50

Photos, text and instructions please send to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.






Discover the most delicious and best decorated cakes and swiss rolls. Made using best ingredients and individually hand finished to provide the highest standard of taste and presentation.

Cheesecake, Cappuccino, Lemon cake, Banana cake, Apple cake, Caramel cake, Custard slice. Creamy nuts cake, Pineapple cake, Caramel cake, Poppy seeds cake, Marshmallow cake, Coconut cake, Tutti Frutti, Banana and chocolate cake, Apple roll, Jelly and fruits roll, Seventh’s Heaven roll, Black-Forest, Kiwi cake and other flavours.






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Exquisite cake desserts and sweet horns with cream prepared and beautifully served in our Coffee shop to eat in or take out. Different variety of flavours, forms and decorations available.


Muffins with cream, custard and fresh fruits available in our menu. Wide range of traditional muffins in varieties of flavours and decorations for any occasion. Beautifully decorated muffins specially made for kids (favourite cartoon character)


Delicious and light desserts available in our menu to be served in our shop or for outside catering.


• Whipping cream with fruits and chocolate sauce.
• Colourful jelly bites served with fresh fruits.
• Cheesecake served in a glass






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Pancakes for all the Family - an amazing choice of home –made pancakes with variety of sweet toppings such as ice-cream, fresh fruits and cream topped with a choice of sauce or served in savoury way. You can choose your own toppings.


Freshly prepared to order, delicious and filling, served with jam, whipping cream and choice of sauces and fruits. Ready in minutes, to stay in or take-out.






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Vitamin complex juices squeezed to order. You can choose from: carrot, apple or orange.
Cocktails based on milk, butter-milk combined with fresh fruits.
Homemade milkshakes with your favourite chocolate bar (bounty, mars, kinder bueno, etc.) or fresh fruits (strawberry or banana)


We offer a vast variety of teas (inc. green, peppermint) and freshly grinded and brewed Brazilian coffee.

Cappucino, Latte, Espresso, Espresso con panna, Americano, Mochoccino, Macchiato,
Hot choc







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  • Tasty weeks at Patisserie Liverpool

    We would like to invite you to our new special ‘Tasty Weeks’ in Patisserie Liverpool

    Each week we will taste differently, so you can pick your favourite week.
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  • Are you looking for a nice and sweet gift?

    You can’t decide what gift you are going to give to your friend, colleague or family member...?
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  • We celebrate opening of our Patisserie Shop

    We celebrate opening of our Patisserie Shop – Every customer will receive a 10% off voucher for any occasion cake!
    We would like to share joy, which absolutely took our hearts on opening our first coffee shop in Liverpool,