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Cupcakes appeared for the first time during the late eighteenth century and their increasing acceptance and gradual integration into the food culture over the decades only goes on to prove that they are going to be around for a long time.

Though the exact origin of cupcakes is not known, one of the reasons that could have prompted their discovery could be that baking a big cake used to take a long time. Contrary to the convenience of instant cooking that microwave ovens have introduced, earthen pots that were used for baking large cakes in the yesteryears took several hours to deliver worthy results.

A christening ceremony refers to baptizing and naming a child and is counted amongst the seven sacraments mentioned in the Bible. Being a sort-of welcoming ceremony, it calls for a big celebration wherein the parents announce to the world that their baby has been christened and is now a member of the community. Given the special status that this occasion holds in a family’s life, the cake for the ceremony also needs to be special and choosing one of the many christening cakes Liverpool seems to be an apt way of rendering it memorable.

On being invited to a wedding, what is it that excites you the most? Answers to this question would be as variable as the number of people it is posed to but one factor that everyone looks forward to without exception is the wedding cake. Irrespective of the country, region, culture or tradition that the wedding ritual showcases, nothing can beat the novelty, finesse and goodness perpetuated by a wedding cake.

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